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Guaranteed Rent

What Is It – The Basics?

Very simply we pay you each and every month with no complications. This can be for 12 months. If the contract holder doesn’t pay, you would not even know much about it, as we would keep paying you and we would undertake all of the arrangements and legal proceedings on your behalf. We would of course keep you informed of key elements. We would continue to pay throughout this process, up until vacant possession.


Out Of Pocket

Most landlords are already familiar with the Guaranteed Rent insurance policies. However, most landlords don’t like the aspect of waiting to get the insurance pay-out, filling in forms, having to send in documentation, to shop around for solicitor’s costs, learn about the court system and worst of all having to bear a 1-month excess.

In some cases, landlords who purchased the policies did not realise that there were conditions before the policy would pay out. For example, that proof of documentation from the contract holder was needed or signed deeds and affidavits of service. They then find themselves in the unenviable position of having paid out for a policy, lost rent and then having to foot the cost of gaining possession of the property out of their own pocket.


We Pay You Every Month – Guaranteed & Underwritten

With our Guaranteed Rent, there are no small print requirements, no excess amounts, no forms or any requirement for landlords to source solicitors.

Plain and simple, we handle all the paperwork, and we pay you every month, even if the contract holder doesn’t.

If eviction is needed, we still pay you and we handle the entire eviction process.


How Secure Is Your Guarantee?

We understand that in these times, where entire countries are financially volatile, customers need to feel secure. Therefore, we are proud to use a company that are fully licensed and have full Client Money Protection cover.

 This means that if the company was to fail, both the contract holder’s money and yours would be protected. Their membership is demonstrated by the Safe Agent kite mark.

Furthermore, they are registered with the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and The Property Ombudsman (TPOS). They are also registered with the DPS, the RLA and the National Approved Lettings Scheme (NALS).

This gives you that extra surety that you will always be paid on time each and every month by us.

  • We pay the rent on time, each and EVERY month of the contract
  • We conduct complete contract holder credit and reference checks
  • We set up payments with the contract holder
  • We handle all of the background rent collection and underwriting
  • We manage the contract holder’s arrears and any payment delays
  • We handle and pay for the service of all legal notices
  • We will administrate the deposit in compliance with the 2007 legislation and the new addition to the Localism Act
  • We handle and pay for any evictions
  • We complete all the paperwork
  • We are fully licensed, regulated and insured
  • We guarantee to pay you the rent each and EVERY month