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Unique Agency.

It’s time to forget everything you think, know or despair about regular estate agency. Leave it all behind right now and turn your thoughts instead to sharp focus, design-conscious marketing, and a capable confidant at your side.

Unique Advantages.

By showing your home to people actively seeking unique property, you will have far less wasted viewings and far less daily disruption than from conventional estate agency. This concentration of type often results in multiple offers, from the cream of the crop of buyers.

Unique Audience. 

People like you, seeking property like yours: it is as simple as that. People for whom location, location, location is rarely a rule by which they live, and one they are proud to ignore. People searching for something else that is someplace else, and that is where they find us.

Unique Attention. 

Your story, your life and your move are as central to us as your home; just like they are for you. Getting to know your hopes and plans, as well as the place where you live, helps us make your viewings chime. Truly are similar people drawn to each other: so, it pays to have a tale to tell, to make the sale (without the sell).