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Keeping It Simple

Finding a house doesn’t have to be hard work, you probably have enough to do, so we want to make life easier for you. We don’t just find you a home, we can offer advice and assistance, so you get the most out your home. We are able to offer a selection of homes in South Wales and have a range of properties to suit all tastes and budgets. All our properties are available to view on our website 24/7.

See Something You Like?

Give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll call you back to arrange a viewing. There are no hidden fees, we’ll offer honest and impartial advice at all times. All our paperwork and agreements will come to you via email and if you don’t understand any of the legal jargon give us a call, we’ll explain what it means and why it’s there.

Giving You More

We aim to go above and beyond, in not only the quality and choice of the homes we can offer but also the service we will provide throughout your tenancy. From the myriad of ways you can find properties (web, email, twitter, facebook, blogs) through to managing the niggling ongoing issues of living in a property, we hope the signing of the contract is just the start of our service, not the end. So check out the website or give us a call to arrange a viewing.

We look forward to finding you a home.